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2017/01/16 Notice of the results of the tender offer of the Company's shares by Valeo Bayen and the change of the parent company【312KB】
2016/12/12 Ichikoh received the information that Valeo has obtained approval from the Japanese Competition Authority【48KB】
2016/12/02 Notice of Expression of Opinion Regarding Tender Offer for Shares of the Company by Valeo Bayen 【306KB】
2016/11/24 Notice Regarding the Commencement of the Tender Offer by Valeo Bayen for Share Certificates of ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES, LTD.(Securities Code 7244) 【142KB】
2016/11/07 Notice of Differences between Forecasted and Actual Result of Q2 FY2016, Revision to Full Year Forecasts, and Interim Dividends 【259KB】
2016/09/13 Start of production of Digital Inside Camera Monitor System 【124KB】
2016/08/05 Notice of Revision of Forecast on Earnings for FY2016 【219KB】
2016/07/21 Notice Regarding Issuance of New Shares as Restricted Stock Compensation 【230KB】
2016/05/26 Ichikoh Industries won Automotive Engineering Award 2016 for standardized LED light source module "MonoLED". 【134KB】
2016/05/24 Notice of Preliminary Decision of Executive Member Changes 【106KB】
2016/05/24 譲渡制限付株式報酬制度の導入に関するお知らせ 【138KB】
2016/05/13 支配株主等に関する事項について【180KB】
2016/05/13 剰余金の配当に関するお知らせ【154KB】
2016/04/12 Ichikoh won its first PACE Award.【534KB】
2015/10/6 事業譲渡に関するお知らせ【169KB】
2015/08/07 (変更)「海外連結子会社の商号変更に関するお知らせ」の一部変更について【241KB】
2015/06/01 取締役候補決定のお知らせ【56KB】