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Restructuring of affiliates toward Chinese market.

We have supplied parts such as Lamps and Mirrors to many automakers for 110 years. And employees of ICHIKOH are proud of our own Monozukuri tradition in production, quality and design. At our 110th anniversary of foundation, to correspond to the globalization of automotive industry progressing even further, we will strengthen price competitiveness and developments of attractive products, and enhance business structure along with Valeo, our partner, through business partnership to improve global supply system. In order to improve customer services and business expansion specially in Chinese market, where growth is expected, ICHIKOH established a local control system jointly with Valeo, and reorganized lamp subsidiaries and affiliates of the both companies. And we intend to strive toward enhancement of business structure and improvement of performance as a global company centered in Asia. Furthermore, in order to provide a global standard in design, development, quality and service, we will introduce common process and management tools with the alliance partner, Valeo, from now on. In this way, to correspond to the globalization of automotive industry, Ichikoh’s management will step to another field toward new challenges.


Focus on Japanese domestic sales home market.

We conduct development, production, and sales of Lamp /Mirror for passenger cars and trucks, and we are also a leader in technology which introduced various types of LED lamps to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions of vehicles. With the advent of new hybrids and electric cars, we will continue providing more possibilities of visibility and safety improvements of vehicles by our advanced technology in LED, and will actively work on proposals to improve flexibility of styling. Lamp and Mirrors are installed in the most prominent exterior part of cars and is an important functional component. The styling team of ICHIKOH is working on designs of many cars approved by many users in the market. As a traditional Japanese company, our top priority is to expand sales domestically in Japan, our home market. ICHIKOH has now a wide local partnership network in China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Having ICHIKOH maintaining a strong market position in Japan is an important factor for the platform of growth in newly emerging countries in Asia. Furthermore, by the alliance with VALEO, ICHIKOH can offer a true global service also in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Also from now on, ICHIKOH will do efforts for continuous achievement of customer satisfaction, profitability and corporate social responsibility. We appreciate your patronage and looking forward to your continued support.

Representative Director and President